Jack Rumpel

My work is functional, high-fire stoneware pottery for everyday use. It’s comfortable to use and pleasing to look at. It has been described as “quiet and confident.”

Recently, I have focused on “enclosed” forms. Pots with covers, as a response to our need to pull back and be more isolated. But, I have continued to make bowls—open and useful in the sharing of good food, one of the highlights of life at any time.

Not a production potter, I create work in small series. Through the process of throwing, trimming, add-ons, and surface treatments, each piece takes its own path. Although I rarely make sets of more than four, I use the same judgements in creating pots, so, in the end, pieces work together without needing to “match.”

The highest compliment I can get on my work is when someone says to me, “I use your bowl all the time.” or something like “I have coffee with you every morning.” Then I know I’ve done something right.

Images provided here are a sampling of my work. You can contact me if you would like to view additional work, either virtually or at my studio space in Winona, MN.

Thanks, be safe, and enjoy this year’s virtual tour.

Jack Rumpel
[email protected]