Jean Mueller

My work uses the contemporary fiber style to provide the design element of texture. It is a vehicle for touch and dimension. The weavings are the use of traditional fabric structures and sculpture forms. The pieces use the traditional along with the modern to fuse the past with the future in a supportive structure for each. I have incorporated my love for nature in the weavings. This medium provides an endless interpretation of the land and water that surrounds my home. The colors and texture and use of other materials is magical as it weaves together a work of art.

During the virus it has been difficult to see and feel the inspiration of other contemporary fiber work. I miss that aspect of inspiration. I have found the virtual aspect to be of help but of course the touch is missing. I then visualize and in my mind “feel” the texture. I miss texture during this time. It is one of my most needed design elements. I crave it. I feel fortunate to have what I have and can return to pieces of work for that need. I am blessed.

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The Spring Rain

  • 100% Vintage Cotton
  • 28” x 11’ 6”

This piece is woven in the Log Cabin and Finnish rya method. The inspiration for the piece came from the spring rain running into the stream. The colors of the stream is mixed with many shades of blues, greens and yellows. It races forward and its tips become part of the froth. It is heavy in some areas and light in others.


The Electric Wave

  • 75% Copper and Brass Wire, 25% Monofilament
  • 6” x 17½”

This piece was woven using the nontraditional wire and plastic. The piece shows the variance in materials that are used to weave. The materials allow it to be shaped into a sculptural wave. I love the contrast between the newer developed material of wire and the traditional weaving method.


The March of Lines

  • 85% Wool, 15% Linen
  • 11” x 24”

The textile was woven in the Norwegian Krokbragd Method. Krokbragd means the “crocked path.” The lines are marching during the midnight hour. They come in different sizes and shapes. They remind me of the people as they follow each other through the night into the unknown.


The Winter Forest

  • 85% Merino Wool, 15% Linen
  • 23” x 3’ 10”

The winter landscape inspires many feelings of wonder. The Merino is soft as snow and as wonderful as it fills the tress and valleys with its glory.


The Waves of Tradition

  • 95% Wool, 5% Steel Wire
  • 11” x 13½”

The textile is woven in the Monk Belt method. Monk Belt dates back to the early European history. It brings the traditional method of Monks Belt to the contemporary world of sculpture in a timeless way. The piece was selected to be in the international juried show and traveling show.


The Sunrise over the Valley

  • 26” x 5’

The method of Norwegian Krokbragd was used to weave saddle blankets as in this piece. It contains a large amount of wool and the weaving is slow. I feel it represents beauty and slowness of work as well as the comfort it brings.


The Chiefs Blanket Rug

  • 100% Wool
  • 29” x 6’

This rug is woven based on the Navajo’s first phase of weaving rugs. It is a delight to weave and I feel the strength in the tradition.


The Blue Accordion 

  • 100% Cotton
  • 24” x 28”

The textile is woven in the traditional Scandinavian method of Rep Weave. It represents the accordion I grew up hearing my father play. The tradition is interplayed with the wire creating the fiber sculpture. It is one of my favorites.


The Sheep in a Box

  • 100% Wool
  • 10” x 10”

The Textile is woven in the Finnweave method. The warp is picked up and bound together using two colors. I hope to make a series of sheep in the box. It brings me comfort to know they are confined and safe as my sheep seem to wonder.


The Fall Trees

  • 85% Wool, 15% Linen
  • 16” x 3’

The rug or hanging is done using the Double Corduroy method. It provides a similar look for the “shag” appearance as the Finnish Rya Knot used in other pieces. I love the method. I also love the colors that brings me to the fall season.