Lydia Erickson

I am inspired by flowers and creatures with vivid life, charming character, and whimsical humor. When I paint these things on clay or canvas, my interpretation of nature and character become touchable and shareable. I love when I can use nature's happiness to create joy in people.

This year there have been a lot of life changes for me and my husband. We have deepened the friendships we have, and spent a lot of time on our little two acre spread, busily reconstructing a decrepit old farm house named Rose, and her pal, a Barn named "Barney." We've planted and harvested our first successful garden and stocked the freezer with a crop of nearly 50 chickens. There's a wholesome peace in this joyful, homesteading, busy life that has found its way into my recent art works.

Every piece is both thrown on the wheel or slump formed and hand painted by me, with only a paint brush and brilliantly colored lead free paints. You won't find a single stamp or transfer paper in my studio space. All glazes and paints are lead free.

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Lydia Erickson