Virginia Huber

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There I am in my studio. It isn’t a dream studio but it is good sized, good lighting, heated in winter, and cooled in summer and I was able to put in a full day of painting the very first day after the construction work was finished. Here you see me at work on a 2017 show where I am simulating people watching at the theater. The audience and those out in the vestibule came out the top of my head! You can see more of this show along with other thoughts and inspirations by visiting my blog:

Virginia Huber

No-Sew Mask
12” x 16” | $225

These weeks and months, I feel the need to paint small paintings. Standing back and taking it all in is what we’ve had to do with this international covid crisis. I haven’t hugged a grandkid, a daughter or son since last February! Small scale paintings can be held up-close and personal. I do miss that on so many levels. Making up stories and scenarios about human interactions gives me a good feeling. There are plenty of things I’m not good at, but I am good at story telling.

Time will pass and I still have my large watercolor rolls for large scale watercolor constructions. Working life size is fun too. It’s very physical. Lots of stretching, squatting, pulling, pasting, stepping back to have a look, coming close, carrying the parts that are glued and dried here and there, attaching them in a better place. Watching out so I don’t step on my dog Petey, taking a pic when I’m not sure about what to do next, trotting over to the sink for clean water, swishing my brush and bring the painting along a bit more. The weeks are rushing by this way.