Will Brzezinski

Over the past months I've had more time to expand and explore my process deeper. Including my love of painting into my work more by adding clouds to my bluff carved mugs, collaborating with other artists who use sgraffito to scratch designs into the surfaces of my work, and trying new forms.

Will Brzezinski

Made with calm, relaxed vibes to be enjoyed, observed, and shared with the same sentiment, I like to create objects that people can use and appreciate on the daily. Through my process I try to express the happy, joyful feeling I have while making my work in the overall aesthetic of the pots. Capturing snapshots of time and place typically inspired by the natural world. Rhythm, line, and repetition are elements and principles I chose to focus on in my work because they are things we can get lost in. Creating space and pause in our ever busy lives.

I currently live and produce my work in Winona, MN situated in the beautiful bluffs of the driftless region. I initially got introduced to ceramics as a sophomore in high school and have been hooked ever since.

To Make a Purchase

Work can be purchased on Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/PositiveSpinCeramics. To arrange for local Winona pickup/dropoff, please message me through Etsy.